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Sublimation detail product for information and feedback client

15 Sep Sublimation Factory Process
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Our mission its Deliver the Best quality sublimation printing . Since 2017 , We upgrade many type of item such us fabric , ink , printer and Heat transfer machine to make sure our quality color of pri..
15 Sep 10 Fabric use for sublimation printing
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10 Fabric use for sublimation printingSublimation printing its a famous printing technique, can transfer full color to fabric 100% like full image . Now days this technique very famous for making spor..
15 Sep Quality of sublimation product
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Since 2013, Sublimation department serve more than 3000 client and successful deliver more than 300k pieces of garment product such us jersey , scarf , hoodies , corporate shirt , and flag. We improv..
02 Aug Product Size Chart
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Size chart for sublimation product , Our factory use this measurement chart more than 9 years and its very suitable for malaysian people . its not a slim fit cutting its a loose fit cutting not so BIG..
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